Trophy Wives - 2017

A nude bust of an extremely attractive woman, mounted like taxidermy, hangs from the wall. Animal horns come out of her head. Some of the busts have exaggerated breasts, checks and lips.  They have expensive earrings and necklaces. 

Underneath the bust is a photo of the rich older ‘sugar daddy’ that bagged her,  poised like a big game hunter. Below them is a taxonomy label with details about both of them.  

The works suggest a gender politics dialogue between the man and woman with overtones of sexual enslavement and violence. The attractive young woman has found it more lucrative to leverage her beauty as economic capital than to earn wealth herself.  The rich sugar daddy seeks to overcomes his old age and self-image problems and to show off to his peers by bagging a status symbol of a young sexually attractive woman.


“Trophy Wife: Heather", 2017; “Trophy Wife: Sabrina", 2017; “Trophy Wife: Nicola", 2017

Life-size fiberglass mannequin, resin animal horns. Size: 17 ½” W x 48” H

Ink-jet print & frame. Size: 27 3/8” W x 33 /8” H