SugarBowl -2017


SugarBowl - 2017

46” x 37” mounted ink-jet print with twin videos of quotes in a loop.  

From our current President to over 1 million college coeds, our society, using Internet dating sites, have exploded an age-old relationship paradigm of older, wealthy men partnering with younger, attractive females. The rise of Sugar Daddies hooking up with Sugar Babies raise issues of economic slavery, sexual capital, and a rethinking of the feminist empowerment trends. This artwork uses actual internet photos and dating profile words from a prominent sugardady site superimposed on the famous Durer Adam and Eve engraving from 1504 and on embedded video screens to comment on this relationship trend. 

Select Sugar Baby quotes: 

- I'm looking for an allowance based arrangement where we meet 1-2 times a week. What we do is up to you!! 

- I miss being able to get my nails done or go out for sushi when I please. 

- Don’t treat me like a hoe and I won’t treat you like a trick.   

Select Sugar Daddy quotes:

- I prefer to essentilly buy my way out of the 'drama' that exists in normal dating. 

 - I will be flying you to an exclusive etiquette course in London so that you can accompany me to my many high profile functions. 

- I am from old money and my lineage dates back to some of the riches and most brilliant people ever to live. I love to brag and feel it is important to share this with you so you will understand what kind of relationship I am looking for.