Magnetic Sirens


Magnetic Sirens challenge notions of beauty, the object, the gaze, materialism and sexual dynamics.    

This sculpture comments on the contradictions of the exceptionally attractive women who continue to both lure and repulse men. Attractive and yet perilous. Impossible to resist, but dangerous to possess. 

Three nude female sculpture stand on plexiglass boxes, filled with objects suggestive of power, wealth and material goods.  They stand like conquering heroes on the spoils of their victims, beckoning the viewer forward with voice-activated music and phrases, coaxing with compliments, sultry observations and promises of sex.  

Each Siren, a version of a consumerist sexualized female physical form, is covered with thousands of magnetic bucky balls and a selection of metal objects including weapons, coinage and hotel room keys.  

Without warning their seduction turns sour.  Alternating between their haughty dismissal of those who deign to desire them and their feelings of victimization the Sirens repel their viewers, warning of reprisals.  

3 - Life-size fiberglass mannequins covered with spherical magnets and metallic adornments on 20"acrylic cube bases with motion sensors, audio controllers and speakers. Price: TBD