Imagined Lifes



Imagined Lives...

Inspired by the Renaissance wedding portraits, in this video work, nearly four hundred painted portraits are paired together in a digital slideshow displayed in side by side gold frames, causing the viewer to question or imply relationships between the two images or between the two people. 

The juxtapositions are intended to invoke questions:  Are the two lovers, spouses, cousins, boss/employee, enemies or just friends? What emotions do they feel for each other: affection, boredom, contempt, or nonchalance? And what their lives together would have been like?  What internal beliefs cause us to create relationships between two people even if they never knew each other?

Digital slideshow on monitor, gold frame. 23 ¼” W x 14 ¼” H

Edition: 10 plus 1 AP  $7,500

See a preview.