A powerful and challenging word. A word that asks you to use your creative mind to invent something a visual image or experience or sensation.

These Imagine-led short sentences request that you participate actively in these series of photographs and to conjure up mental images from your own individual experiences.  The act can be meditative or confrontational or humorous.  

My images exist both in the physical space…and the space of imagination and self-creation. Realism is their foundation, expressivism is their intent. They portray landscapes which we recognize, but know we can never occupy. Altered spaces where signage asks us to imagine something evocative, or in conflict or in sympathy with the landscape.  In contemporary times, few landscapes are without the printed word. Whether it be billboards or graffiti, chalk marks or sky writing, news tickers or highway signs, we are all constantly baraged by words, selling products, hawking brands, calling out todays headlines, or telling us directions. So I thought, why not interrupt this media overload with the occassional message of introspection, of non-commercial prose, of haiku-like evocation. But rather than actually physcially adding these phrases to the landscapes, I have choosen to inject them digitally into their photographic representations. 

This is an ongoing series of 35+ photos available in two ways:

  • I have selected twelve of my favorite Imagines and made them available in multiple sizes for fine art prints starting at $100 each and able to be purchased now and shipped within two weeks. See the selection of the open edition Imagine prints here.

  • A limited edition in the size of 25"W x 21"H. The edition size is 20. Price: Unframed started at $2,000. Contact me for more details and availability.