Dreamers in Dream City

Published by Angel City Press 

Published by Angel City Press 


Los Angeles is the city of dreams, attracting those who dream big and ignore limitations.   Inspired by those who have dared to believe in themselves I wrote and photographed "Dreamers in Dream City," profiling 54 remarkable Southern Californians.  From artists to surfers, sushi chefs to religious zealots, these dreamers changed a piece of our world because of their singular belief in their own vision. 

Dreamers profiled:

The Builders: Abbot Kinney; Frank Gehry; Dr. Robert Schuller; Dorothy Buffum Chandler; Simon Rodia; Mia Lehrer; William Mulholland
The Inventors: Dick Rutan; George Barris; Hobie Alter; Dan Gurney; Donald Douglas; Reeves Callaway
The Artists: Ed Ruscha; Rudi Gernreich; Nobu Matsuhisa; Jim Morrison; Gajin Fujita; Raymond Chandler
The Folk Heroes: Arnold Schwarzenegger; Aimee Semple McPherson; Huell Howser; Charles Hatfield; Angelyne
The Activists: Helen Hunt Jackson; Tom Bradley; Andy Lipkis; Charles Lummis; Ben Caldwell; Upton Sinclair; Lewis MacAdams; Antonio Villaraigosa
The Entertainers: Jerry Bruckheimer; Billy Wilder; Young Actors; Gordon Davidson; Cecil B. DeMille; Nat King Cole; Greg MacGillivray; Ronald Reagan
The Entrepreneurs: Harry Chandler; Eli Broad; Howard Hughes; Edgar Acosta; Bill Gross; Creative Artists Agency Trainees; Gene Autry
The Discoverers: George Ellery Hale; Ray Bradbury; Walt Disney; Bob Rogers; Aldous Huxley; Bob Mitchell; Amelia Earhart

160 pages
full color
hardcover: ISBN-13 978-1-883318-84-0; $35.00