Pairings:  Desert Lovers


Inspired by dyptych Renaissance wedding portraits 

Desert Lovers is my most recent in the Pairing series of digital art works comprised of juxtapositions of painted, photographed or video portraits of two individuals. In this series, I explore various visual, conceptual and emotional connections between two individuals, whom, in most cases, have never met each other. In making these juxtapositions, I am suggesting an implied relationship between them, predominantly romantic. These imagined couples invite the viewer to quickly deduce a range of fictional characterizations about them, their relationship, and the type of life they might have together.

In Desert Lovers, over 160 free-thinking and compelling-looking volunteer subjects from the 2013 Burning Man festival have been paired together as fictional lovers. Behind them are scenes from the Nevada desert festival landscape, where they were videotaped. The couples are seen in extremely slow-motion video that allows the viewer to voyeuristically examine their body language as they look into the eyes of their imagined lover. Lovers and strangers – in a slow-motion ballet of movement in the desert.

See a preview.