De-Constructing Desire


A series about gender issues

Challenging the current, complex definitions of male/female relationships, exploring issues of sexual capital and a rethinking of the feminist empowerment trends through multi-media expressions that combine dialog, film, sculpture and photography. 

Today, constructs of sexual desire are often fraught with harrrasment, violence, and conflict. And in other cases male-female romantic attractions have been replaced by an economic exchange. Even assumptions of attraction are suspect.

These personal works strive to inform, shock, humor and provoke a conversation around the powerful and often dark side of gender interactions, which attraction between the sexes creates. 

The artwork: 

Magnetic Sirens  - Trophy WivesTemptation of Sugar Dating

Moth Fires - Desert LoversBreast Dialectic - MeetUp

An interview with the Artist in connection with the Ren Gallery show:  LA Creatives

These original works are available at my galleries. Contact me for availability and pricing.