Harry B. Chandler

Harry B. Chandler

Artist Statement

Four passions inform my artistic pursuit.

Magic, photos/film, Los Angeles environs and male/female interactions.

Although my childhoold prestidigitation skills are long dormant, my love of the wonderment of illusions and worlds different than they seem has drawn me into magic realism in art, literature, photography and film.

My first purchase as a boy was a camera. At prep school at Andover, I discovered black and white photography. Strong compositions, the smell of the darkroom. Yet I wanted to create more dream-like images than journalistic. And with color. So I added painting to my repetoire. Then moving pictures in film school and in my film/TV career. Today, I use photos and movies in my works, often in combination with painting and sculpture.

I grew up and live in L.A. My palette has been influenced by the high chroma and warm tones here. They speak of optimism and passion to me.  

LA’s iconographic subject matter are also some of my gestalt. For my Autopia series, I invented mythical Southern California landscapes where I paint saturated-color, agricultural fields over aerial photos of the curvy freeway interchanges. I am now working on a painting series on swimming pools, and a mixed media work on an homage to 35mm cinema.

In a different direction, I have created a challenging series about interactions of the sexes called De-Constructing Desire. I am exploring gender politics, attraction urges, subjugation of women, and sexual harrassment. Very au courant!  

My art is getting more varied, more personal….and hopefully more compelling.  I moved into a big new studio in DTLA. Stay tuned.  The spigot has been opened up now that I am in my third-act.